Hi, I'm Andrew. I've been a professional investor at a global fund for close to two decades. I also have a CFA and two Stanford degrees (but nothing beats real life experience to learn about investing and the markets).

I'm financially free and am now working on my life mission to educate and inspire others to lead more meaningful and abundant lives, i.e. do, then teach. That, and raise two rascally kids (wish me luck).

What I believe

As investors we want the best risk-adjusted compounding of our portfolios we can sustain. Achievable results (money in the bank), not sexy but impotent theory (here's looking at you, EMH).

I also believe the magic of compounding – whether in knowledge, relationships or returns – will dramatically change your life.

What The Open-Minded Investor is about

Value, Growth, Momentum, Quality, Algo Investing – they all work, if done right. Actually, they work better when done together.

Diversification of securities, asset classes, markets, styles and strategies is the ideal way to get an optimal risk-adjusted return. The smoother the ride, the longer you'll last in Mr. Market's wild rodeo. Investing is a game of survival.

We'll not be wedded to any ideology, but will instead use whatever works to compound better.

Not convinced? Go ahead and buy the SPY and hold till you die. It's not a bad idea, but I believe we can do better.

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How to reach me

Find me on Twitter: @ominvestor


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